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 Shandong red sun LTD is a large-scale professional production with high density polyethylene municipal engineering(HDPE)Pipeline of modern enterprise,The company set research and development、Production、Sales、Service at a suit,In order to“Professional pipe、Good faith”As the core values the overall service to customers。
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Shandong red sun pipe technology co., LTD., specializing in the production:HDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe,Steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe,Double-wall corrugated pipe,Tu plastic pipe and other pipe products;Enterprises located in linyi city of shandong province high and new technology development zone,Is a domestic leading production equipment,Advanced production technology,The perfect product quality control and complete testing equipment high-tech enterprises,The production process in strict accordance with the companylSO9001The quality management system and the national standards for production management,Advanced equipment、High-quality staff team、Stability of product quality,Products covered more than 20 provinces and cities and regions of China。
Adhering to the enterprise“Choose red sun,Win-win choice”The management idea,Red sun LTD is willing to work with you to form a community value,Formation“Mutual benefit and win-win results、The mechanism of coexistence,Realize common development,Paved smooth in the future”。

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 Double wall gangsu composite pipes
 HDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe
 Steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe
 With plastic tube
 Hot dipping plastic tube
 Inside and outside the plastic coated feed pipe
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Shandong red sun pipe technology co., LTD
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